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Take your own advice

I was checking my emails one morning recently and the latest Peaceful Profits headline caught my eye: 'How to thrive as a creativity coach'. Perfect! I TOTALLY need to hear this one, I thought. It turned out to be the release of a podcast interview I forgot I did with them five months earlier. Hilarious, I know. Cringing a little at the sound of my own voice, I sat and listened. It was, indeed, exactly what I needed to hear. Because the motivation and inspiration I'd been hoping to find from someone else 'out there', came through clearly in my own words. When we're feeling stuck we often seek answers externally, as if we don't already have some great insights. Sometimes the bravest thing is to honour our own journey and all we've learned. And take our own advice. PS: This podcast is not so much about being a creativity coach [...]

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Starting a new thing – advice from an absolute amateur

I’ve been in this blog game a whole six weeks.  I know that doesn’t seem long, but the journey to the starting line was considerable.  If you’re toying with a new blog or business idea, or any brave step into the unknown, I know well the battle to begin.  With that fresh in my mind, I hope I can offer some encouragement.  If you’re starting a new thing - here’s some advice from an absolute amateur:   1 The process alone has huge value 2 Putting yourself out there changes everything.  And nothing. 3 Start with what you’ve got, don’t look too far ahead 4 All the pressure is internal.  Note to self: chill 5 Every step forward reveals new pathways 1 The process alone has huge value I’m not impulsive.  When I committed to this blog and website I knew it would be a massive undertaking, in terms of the [...]

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How creativity cured my perfectionism

Why aim for perfection when excellence will do?  This was very wise advice from my high school English teacher, Mrs Brown.  I was about 15 and my perfectionist self was devastated by a 94% on my Hamlet essay.  Or was it 97%?  I can’t actually remember, because only one thing mattered in that moment.  It wasn’t 100%. It seems ridiculous, but that’s the cruelty of perfectionism, it’s unattainable.  Good enough is never good enough, and anything short of perfection is unacceptable.  I spent much of my life in that vicious cycle of striving, never measuring up, and the shame of never feeling good enough.  That’s my definition of perfectionism: shame, wrapped in striving. Where does perfectionism come from? As a child, our parents and teaches and coaches are hugely important.  In our desire to please them, and to avoid the shame or judgement of their disapproval, we work hard at doing [...]


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