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Starting a new thing – advice from an absolute amateur

I’ve been in this blog game a whole six weeks.  I know that doesn’t seem long, but the journey to the starting line was considerable.  If you’re toying with a new blog or business idea, or any brave step into the unknown, I know well the battle to begin.  With that fresh in my mind, I hope I can offer some encouragement.  If you’re starting a new thing - here’s some advice from an absolute amateur:   1 The process alone has huge value 2 Putting yourself out there changes everything.  And nothing. 3 Start with what you’ve got, don’t look too far ahead 4 All the pressure is internal.  Note to self: chill 5 Every step forward reveals new pathways 1 The process alone has huge value I’m not impulsive.  When I committed to this blog and website I knew it would be a massive undertaking, in terms of the [...]

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How creativity cured my perfectionism

Why aim for perfection when excellence will do?  This was very wise advice from my high school English teacher, Mrs Brown.  I was about 15 and my perfectionist self was devastated by a 94% on my Hamlet essay.  Or was it 97%?  I can’t actually remember, because only one thing mattered in that moment.  It wasn’t 100%. It seems ridiculous, but that’s the cruelty of perfectionism, it’s unattainable.  Good enough is never good enough, and anything short of perfection is unacceptable.  I spent much of my life in that vicious cycle of striving, never measuring up, and the shame of never feeling good enough.  That’s my definition of perfectionism: shame, wrapped in striving. Where does perfectionism come from? As a child, our parents and teaches and coaches are hugely important.  In our desire to please them, and to avoid the shame or judgement of their disapproval, we work hard at doing [...]


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