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The trouble with certainty

Have you ever been certain of something, but it turned out it wasn’t true? That’s the trouble with certainty… I jumped in the car one morning before dawn for an early gym session. Living in rural Australia at the time, encountering kangaroos on the road was a common occurrence, so I flicked the headlights on high-beam. In a comical ‘cross-eyed’ fashion I could see one beam was pointing diagonally upwards, casting more light into the treetops than the road ahead. ‘My husband must have hit a kangaroo on his way home last night,’ I thought. After my workout, in the light of day, I noticed a dent in the side panel. ‘That must have been where it hit,’ I deduced. Driving back down our driveway I saw a mark in the gravel where the event obviously took place. ‘Wow, he was lucky there wasn’t more damage.' When I walked into the [...]

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There’s no yellow brick road

We moved home to New Zealand in January after nearly 19 years overseas.  We've done a few big, life-altering, relocations in our time.  While there's always much excitement about what's ahead, change is rarely comfortable, or straight forward.  There's no certainty, there's no yellow brick road to follow.  But if you keep your eyes peeled, there are some useful lessons on the journey: 1 You won’t get anywhere standing still 2 Ditch the map, embrace the compass 3 You’ll find markers, when you need them 4 Without a journey, there is no story 1. You won’t get anywhere standing still That you won’t get anywhere standing still seems an unnecessary point to make, yet ‘stuck’ is a feeling I’m very familiar with.  How often we convince ourselves that it’s safer to stop, and wait.  But for what?  For clarity? For reassurance?  For a neon sign in the sky offering instructions?!  I have [...]

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Starting a new thing – advice from an absolute amateur

I’ve been in this blog game a whole six weeks.  I know that doesn’t seem long, but the journey to the starting line was considerable.  If you’re toying with a new blog or business idea, or any brave step into the unknown, I know well the battle to begin.  With that fresh in my mind, I hope I can offer some encouragement.  If you’re starting a new thing - here’s some advice from an absolute amateur:   1 The process alone has huge value 2 Putting yourself out there changes everything.  And nothing. 3 Start with what you’ve got, don’t look too far ahead 4 All the pressure is internal.  Note to self: chill 5 Every step forward reveals new pathways 1 The process alone has huge value I’m not impulsive.  When I committed to this blog and website I knew it would be a massive undertaking, in terms of the [...]

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