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Do you feel frustrated and stuck in bad habits? Are you struggling with toxic mindsets? Maybe you’ve faded into the background, because it feels safer than putting yourself out there and risking failure. Does it seem like others have a lot to offer, but feel you missed out when gifts and talents were handed around? Or maybe you just feel a bit lost and aimless, unfulfilled?

Have you loved God all your life but still find yourself wondering ‘is this all there is’? That was me.

creative online course



This is a 6 week online course, delivered live via Zoom, all about tapping into your creativity. Think you’re not creative? I beg to differ.

You were created in the image of a Creator God. There is creativity in you, even if you’re not using it, or even aware of it. Discovering it and unlocking it can change your life!

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Unlock a unique connection between you and your Creator

My healing began when I realised most of what I believed about me, and about God, wasn’t actually true. My struggles were rooted in lies about my worth and my purpose. This course looks at the six areas of truth that have been transformational for me, but it’s more than information.

Priceless uses creativity to unlock a unique connection between you and your Creator. As someone who spent most of her life believing creativity was frivolous and self-serving, I now realise it is an essential part of each of us. Many of us are convinced we’re not creative, but we are all created in the image of the ultimate Creator. Creativity reveals itself individually, in totally unique expressions. I believe tapping into our creativity is like discovering a new superpower.

The Creativity Key

Your destiny is not to stay stuck where you are. As John 10:10 says, your destiny is everything in abundance, more than you expect, life in its fullness.



God is the ultimate Creator and you were made in His image. Connecting with Him through creativity is like speaking to Him heart to heart.



Our creativity and imagination is infinite. Tapping into it smashes limitations and barriers for those feeling stuck and trapped.



Creativity accesses different levels of wisdom for those seeking solutions and strategy.



Trauma and brokenness are not head issues. The heart connection unlocked through creativity embeds healing truths to replace poisonous lies.

Opportunities for God to speak to my heart

“I wanted to be able to be part of a meaningful and enriching program. I hoped it would offer opportunities for God to speak to my heart. Every time I participated I was blessed and received something out of the session.”


The Priceless Course Outline


I have been created on purpose for a purpose, exactly as I’m meant to be.
You have a destiny and purpose on this planet that is beyond what you could ask, imagine, or think (Ephesians 3:20). The creative activation in this session will see you take on the creator role and work with clay.


God is Truth – He is who is says He is, I am who He says I am.
Words are powerful and the language we use (positive and negative) has a massive influence. Did you know your brain believes what you tell it…whether or not it’s true?! For this activation we focus on creative writing.


If He is for me, who can be against me?
Perfect love drives out all fear. From that place of security you are unstoppable, but it requires you to see things from His perspective. A similar perspective shift is required to improve drawing skills, so we explore that in this session’s creative activation.


When I am weak, I am strong.
Our scars are our story, not our shame. All those areas where we feel weak and damaged and broken, God can restore and redeem. He uses the broken pieces of our life to create something beautiful. You’ll do the same with collage.


I have a unique part to play.
We are like different instruments in an orchestra – we don’t look or sound or function the same. We were designed that way, on purpose, because life is a symphony and your unique sound is important. In this session we do some creative problem solving to explore your unique ways of contributing.


I am the priceless child of a loving Father God.
Comparison is so destructive, and it’s also pointless. Because you’re incomparable, utterly unique, and your value is intrinsic regardless of how you feel you measure up. Understanding God sees you as His priceless masterpiece, you’ll also create one of your own.

I was able to just be me

“It gave me an outlet to see others express their creativity and sharing my own. Also I was able to just be me. It’s a great way to connect to your creative side. To allow the Holy Spirit to open up a creative flow.”


Other words about the course

Wow! Blew my mind most weeks in how God spoke to me through what you shared Sharleen! It’s so unique and special. I have never done anything like this.


This is a well thought out format. It’s clear this comes from your soul, from the deep places of God’s healing in your life. I joined the course because you advertised it as being for non-artistic people, and I wanted to see things differently.


The whole workshop was so spiritually nourishing/edifying. I just loved how diverse and creative the assignments were every week and how you use art and creativity to engage with the Father’s voice and discover how he sees you.


I thought this is something I need to explore, because I didn’t see myself as a creative person. I’m learning the value of stepping out of my comfort zone, that it’s the place where God meets me in a particular way.


It rebirthed/renewed creativity within me and took me back to being a child again and enjoying that side of things. It helps you in your identity with Christ, seeing yourself and your value in the Father’s eyes.


Sharleen, you were wonderful. Your openness and vulnerability led us to do the same and created a safe space to share. In the workshop experiences we get to learn and explore the creativity within us, however that expression might look. And more than that, it’s a safe place to learn more about ourselves and our identity.


creative workshop


YES! And I beg to disagree. You were created in the image of a Creator God. There is creativity in you, even if you’re not using it, or even aware of it. Discovering it and unlocking it will change your life!

The course is run over six weeks, meeting once a week live via Zoom. The group is kept small to ensure a safe, interactive environment, and each week includes elements of teaching, creative activation, and group interaction. Each zoom session is around 75-90 minutes. Times and days vary, register your interest to be first to know new dates and details.

Before your course you’ll receive a materials list and it’s up to you to ensure you have what you need for each week’s creative activations. You may already have some or all of the items, or a small investment may be required to get what you’re missing.

NO! There is so much more to creativity than painting and sculpting. While we use those methods in the course to tap into your creativity, it’s about expression, not skills or ability.

Registered participants can join our private Facebook group where the Priceless community interact between sessions and share their stories.

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Let’s talk! It can definitely be tailored for private groups and we can discuss options for timing and session frequency to suit.

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