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5 Day Unmake Up Your Mind Challenge


5 Day Online Challenge
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Register for the 5 Day UNMAKE UP YOUR MIND Challenge and shift your thinking from stuck to unstoppable.

What we’ll cover during the challenge:
(Each Zoom call will be 60 minutes)

UNCOVER Stuck Mindsets
Did you know your brain believes everything you tell it…whether or not it’s true? That’s the trouble with certainty. This session dives into how our beliefs impact EVERYTHING, and explores how and why toxic mindsets keep undermining our best efforts and keep us stuck.

UNRAVEL Misbeliefs
It’s time to get curious about WHY you believe what you believe. You’ll begin to identify behaviours, language, experiences and attitudes you rely on to reinforce those beliefs. Be warned: unravelling is uncomfortable work! The good news: you are powerful to think differently.

UNLEARN limits
What else is in the way? Is it money, or circumstance, or ability, or time? What about fear of failure, perfectionism, or comparison? You have mindsets that are not serving you – they aren’t keeping you safe, they’re keeping you small. It’s time to unlearn your limits.

UNLOCK creativity
Humans are inherently creative, though many of us have convinced ourselves otherwise. It’s so much bigger than ‘art’, it’s innovation, original thought, imagination. Brene Brown says “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”. You know what that produces? SOLUTIONS. Tapping into your creativity can unlock solutions in every area of life. It’s like finding a superpower. Seriously.

UNLEASH possibility
When you shrug off the chains of misbeliefs, toxic mindsets, and baseless limitations, everything looks different. It’s time to embrace practices that cultivate creativity, curiosity and wonder. Get used to trying new things, pursue your dreams with courage, and start creating the life you want to live. Shift from stuck to unstoppable.


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