I was checking my emails one morning recently and the latest Peaceful Profits headline caught my eye: ‘How to thrive as a creativity coach’. Perfect! I TOTALLY need to hear this one, I thought. It turned out to be the release of a podcast interview I forgot I did with them five months earlier. Hilarious, I know.

Cringing a little at the sound of my own voice, I sat and listened. It was, indeed, exactly what I needed to hear. Because the motivation and inspiration I’d been hoping to find from someone else ‘out there’, came through clearly in my own words. When we’re feeling stuck we often seek answers externally, as if we don’t already have some great insights. Sometimes the bravest thing is to honour our own journey and all we’ve learned. And take our own advice.

PS: This podcast is not so much about being a creativity coach as it is about thriving in general, which is really about finding the courage to change. Enjoy! x

Or watch the video interview below.