Shift out of that ‘stuck’ place


There is a way to identify and replace the toxic beliefs that are sabotaging your progress.

The Unmake Up Your Mind framework is designed to help you shift out of stuck mindsets, unlock your creative capacity, and launch you into possibilities.

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You are powerful to think differently

Do you feel ‘trapped’ in your current circumstances?  Like you go round the same mountain over and over… and over?  Do you feel like you’ve tried every solution, method, programme, and guru out there?  In fact, you’re probably quite the expert, you could practically run courses!  But nothing has worked for you.

That was me too.  Then I discovered breakthrough is not found in new answers to old questions, but in challenging the answers I already had that I’d NEVER questioned. I had to Unmake Up My Mind about things I was certain of, that simply weren’t true.

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Quit trying harder

New information and trying harder is like strapping a pair of wings onto a caterpillar.  It might work for a while.  But it’s not an ideal,  sustainable, or intended solution.

Unmake Up Your Mind is a framework to help you challenge those underlying beliefs that are opposing your efforts and keeping you stuck in those relentless cycles of self sabotage.

You are powerful to change your mind

Unmaking Up Your Mind is like what happens to a caterpillar in a chrysalis.  When you begin to challenge your old beliefs and mindsets, your thinking can properly align with the truth of who you are.  Like the metamorphosis process, you’ll experience change from the inside out because you’ve addressed the cause, not just the symptom.  You might try something you’ve done before but it’ll work this time not because it’s different, but because YOU’RE different.

I’m not here to teach you to fly, but to help you discover your own wings.  There are experts out there to help you lose weight or succeed in business or write your book or whatever you’ve been trying to do.  This framework is for those of you who need to take a step back, uncover those stuck mindsets, and unlock your capacity to change first.

You are powerful to think differently.  Unlearn your limits, unlock your creativity, and step into possibility.

“Free your mind and the rest will follow”


Get UNSTUCK!  The Unmake Up Your Mind Framework

1: UNCOVER Stuck Mindsets 

Everything we do is a result of something we believe.
Identify the beliefs that are holding you back and you can shift from certainty to possibility.

2: UNRAVEL Misbeliefs

Facts provide information, but truth brings transformation. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you can’t. Get curious about what you believe and the behaviours that reinforce those beliefs. Shift from facts to truth.

3: UNLEARN Limits

Fear of failure, perfectionism, and comparison, are barriers to breakthrough. Those mindsets are not serving you.  They aren’t keeping you safe, they’re keeping you small. Time to reframe these ‘limitations’ and shift from restriction to permission.

4: UNLOCK Creativity

Innovation, original thought, and imagination, can unlock solutions in every area of life. Embrace creativity for process, not just outcome. Tap into your creative capacity and shift from conformity to originality.

5: UNLEASH Possibility

Embrace practices that cultivate creativity, curiosity, and wonder. Make space to dream big. Now go after those dreams! Pursue your big ideas and shift from stuck to unstoppable.

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And make way for wings.

Here’s what people have said about being on my courses

Sharleen has a unique ability to unlock creativity, even in people who do not consider themselves creativity in any way.

Meliza (UK)

I’ve continued to sit with and review the creative pieces completed during the course. The impact of realising my value has continued even til now with more profound breakthroughs than experienced during the course.

Nives (AUS)

I was already taking a few small steps on my own, but Sharleen helped me make confident strides towards my best self and future.

Sharon (NZ)

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The Unmake Up Your Mind framework is designed to help you shift out of stuck mindsets, unlock your creative capacity, and launch you into possibilities.