The Creativity Key

The Creativity Key

unlearn limits, unlock possibilities

unlearn limits, unlock possibilities

You can shift from stuck to unstoppable by challenging unhelpful mindsets, and harnessing your innate creativity.

creative workshop

You are POWERFUL to think differently

Engaging your creativity shifts you out of limiting mindsets into possibilities.  It helps you look at a problem and come up with new, different and innovative ideas. Being creative is not something you do, it’s who you are.

It’s like finding your superpower. 


I know less now,
but more of it’s true

Hey, I’m Sharleen. For years I lived frustrated, stuck in bad habits, and struggling with toxic mindsets. I’d faded into the background of my own life. When I started seeing a counsellor at 39, I just wanted to be fixed. Instead, I developed a new compulsion. To paint.

The value I found in art and creativity had nothing to do with ability, it was about expression. Through it I discovered courage to try new things, overcome perfectionism and my fear of failure.  Challenging my mindsets and reconnecting with my innate creativity has changed everything for me.  And now I help others do the same.

Lessons from a chrysalis

Surrender the broken and redundant former parts of yourself

that can’t come with you into your future.

And make way for wings.

Discover your creative superpower

online course

Unlock possibilities

One-to-one coaching

Ready to change? Let me help you identify the beliefs that are opposing you and keeping you stuck. Together we can shift you out of stuck mindsets, unlock your creative capacity, and launch you into possibilities.

Unleash creativity

Attend a workshop

I’m based in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, and run regular creative workshops and events. If you’re local and interested in opportunities to explore your unique creative expression, follow me on Facebook or Instagram for the latest offerings.

Unlearn limits

Unmake Up Your Mind

My Unmake Up Your Mind framework is perfect if you’re feeling STUCK.  It will help you take a step back, uncover those unhelpful mindsets, and unlearn your limits and move you forward. Watch the free masterclass.

safe spaces

“Sharleen, you were wonderful.  Your openness and vulnerability led us to do the same and created a safe space to share.  In the workshop experiences we get to learn and explore the creativity within us, however that expression might look.”


Here’s what people have said about being on my courses

Sharleen has a unique ability to unlock creativity, even in people who do not consider themselves creativity in any way.

Meliza (UK)

I’ve continued to sit with and review the creative pieces completed during the course. The impact of realising my value has continued even til now with more profound breakthroughs than experienced during the course.

Nives (AUS)

I was already taking a few small steps on my own, but Sharleen helped me make confident strides towards my best self and future.

Sharon (NZ)

Are you ready for real change?

You can shift from stuck to unstoppable by challenging unhelpful mindsets, and harnessing your innate creativity.